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Welcome to the home of Mercury Audio Player! Here you can download Mercury Audio Player, get some new skins, find out how to make your own skin, or just admire the Mercury Audio Player team!

So what is Mercury Audio Player? It's only the most convenient mp3 player software available today. Despite advanced features like the powerful and speedy playlist editor, precisely accurate waveform spectrum analyzer, and integrated video playback, Mercury Audio Player boasts a simple and intuitive interface. With a digital footprint as small as most people's heads (less than half a megabyte), you'll save more of your precious hard disk space to store your audio CD's as .mp3 audio files.

Mercury News
8.17.2005 Mercury Audio Player 1.21! WOW!

Suddenly the six months it took to get 1.20 out doesn't seem like too long, does it? I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of Mercury Audio Player 1.21. This version improves quite a few small issues and adds some much needed refreshment to the Add Folders playlist window.

Download Mercury Audio Player

Sorry for the long wait between builds. Work was absolutely crazy earlier this year, and then when things calmed down I became firmly entrenched in Metroid PC, my PC rewrite of Nintendo's Metroid. There's good news though! Metroid PC is now finished, and it along with its website will be available soon.

I realize it's no fun waiting so long between builds, but as I've always said here at Mercury, it was built to be simple and finished. As annoying as that can be, believe me it's better than useless new features that destabalize the program just for the sake of a new version. There will always be bugs that need fixing, and those will be what are in the new versions of Mercury.

Further good news, I'll be doing my best to update this website more frequently, and make the Skin Vault more prominent in the near future. Also expect some skins!

I have also updated the development page for information on Mercury, Metroid, and more!

8.24.2004 Mercury Audio Player 1.20 available. :-O!!

Yes, that's RIGHT! It's been about six months, but finally we have a great fresh new version of Mercury available for all to enjoy! This version fixes many, many bugs, adds some key features, and includes a complete rewrite of the streaming code. Streaming has never been better!

Some of you might be wondering what the heck took so long, and even whether there would be a new version of Mercury. The truth is my (Jered's) time has been really spread thin over the past six months. Not only did I begin programming full time in January (not on Mercury mind you, but as a job), but Metroid has also taken a decent amount of time.

Version 1.20 adds many great new features and a ton of bug fixes, so rest assured, the last six months showed more work than this website led people to believe. 1.20 also finally brings the streaming portion of Mercury up to the level of quality that the rest of Mercury is at. Things are very well rounded out now, and I think you'll like what you see.

Please read the development page for information on Mercury's future, the delay, and Metroid

2.15.2004 Now is your chance to support Mercury!

Mercury has been doing really well since we released 1.00. In fact, so well that in just one week we went over our monthly bandwidth limit! To avoid having this site shut down for the remainder of the month, we had to fork over more money to keep things running. It wasn't a lot, mind you, but we're on track to exceed the new bandwidth we bought, which means that more will have to be purchased. Twice in one month!

Don't read that wrong, the fact that we're probably going to exceed our monthly bandwidth TWICE this month is awesome, and with or without any help Mercury will continue to be available to download. We just want to provide an opportunity for those that want to help support Mercury.

Mercury was developed by Jered with help from others completely in his free time. That means that not a dime has been made on this purely independant project. If you enjoy using Mercury and want to help support it, please consider clicking the PayPal donation link below and donating something. Even $1.00 is greatly appreciated!

Before we go, please remember that whether or not anyone donates, Mercury will continue to be a free fully functional program, and it will continue to be available to download. No matter what. This donation is purely a side thing if you WANT to help out, but do not feel obligated to, and don't think that without donations Mercury will stop being developed or this website shut down. Only donate if you want to support independant programming and like using Mercury.

Thanks for any consideration!

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